2015.10.22 | Arts

Martin Riexinger elected to Board of FIFO

Martin Riexinger has been elected to the Board of the Forum for Islamforskning, the Danish association for research on Islam.

2015.06.17 | Grant

New research project on sectarianism

Morten Valbjørn has received a major grant for a group research project, SWAR - Sectarianism in the Wake of the Arab Revolts – beyond primordialist and instrumentalist understandings of Shia/Sunni divisions in a new Middle East.

2015.02.12 | Arts

New book on sacred authority and transnational family networks in Shi'i Islam

Elvire Corboz has published "Guardians of Shi'ism: Sacred Authority and Transnational Family Networks" with Edinburgh University Press.

2015.01.17 | Arts

HC Korsholm Nielsen leaves Aarhus for Cairo

From 01.01.15, he is the new director of the Danish Egyptian Dialog Institute (DEDI).

2014.12.08 | Staff

Scholar of classical Islam joins AIS for six months

Thomas Würtz will be joining the Arab and Islamic Studies program for the first half of 2015.

2014.10.24 | Conference

Multi-Sited Sufism conference held in Istanbul

In late October 2014, a major conference on "Multi-Sited Sufism: Transmissions, Translations, Transcendence" was held in Istanbul.

2014.08.14 | Arts

Making European Muslims

New Routledge collection with contributions from six members of the ICSRU, Making European Muslims: Religious Socialization Among Young Muslims in Scandinavia and Western Europe

2014.07.28 | People

New assistant professor appointed in Arab and Islamic Studies

Elvire Corboz, specialist in contemporary Shi‘i Islam, has been appointed to a three-year assistant professorship in the Department of Culture and Society to teach in the Arab and Islamic Studies program.

Emily Cochran Bech

2014.05.20 | Grant

New postdoc project on group-based political messages, gender, and ethnic minorities

The Danish Council for Independent Research has funded a postdoctoral project investigating the question “Do Group Politics Only Matter for Men?,” to be carried out by Emily Cochran Bech at the department of Political Science and Government.

2013.10.03 | Religion and theology

New project on Contagion, Purification, and Protection among Salafi Muslims in Egypt

The Danish research council has funded a postdoctoral project on "Illnesses of the Muslim Heart: Contagion, Purification, and Protection among Salafi Muslims in Egypt," to be carried out by Christian Suhr Nielsen.

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