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Second ICSRU workshop

The second ICSRU workshop of Spring 2016 will discuss a presentation by the SWAR research group on sectarianism and non-religious identity politics.

18.04.2016 | Mark Sedgwick

Dato man 09 maj
Tid 13:15 15:00
Sted 1330-126

The question of ‘to what extent is sectarianism different from non-religious identity politics’ will be approached from an anthropological, religious studies and political science perspective. The SWAR research group consist of Morten Valbjørn, Raymond Hinnebusch, Thomas Brandt Fibiger, and Martin Thomas Riexinger. As usual, we will start with recent publications and general updates about recent and current activities.

This workshop is aimed at ICSRU members. Others who are interested should contact Mark Sedgwick in advance.