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FIFO-seminar on Sectarianism in the Wake of the Arab Revolts

In cooperation with FIFO (Forum for Islamforskning) the inter-disciplinary research group SWAR invites all interested to take part in this seminar.

23.03.2018 | Mark Sedgwick

Dato man 16 apr
Tid 14:15 16:00
Sted Building 1330/126



  • Morten Valbjørn (Political Science, AU): Analytical perspectives on sectarian politics before and after the Arab uprisings
  • Martin Thomas Riexinger (Arab and Islamic Studies, AU): The Puritanization of Sunni Islam'
  • Elvire Corboz (Arab and Islamic Studies, AU): Shiite Discourses of Islamic Unity in the UK
  • Thomas Brandt Fibigier (Anthropology, AU): The Turba and Everyday Sectarianism
  • Henrik Lauritsen (Political Science, AU): Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Regime Security Dilemma

For further information: Morten Valbjørn (mortenv@ps.au.dk)