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Making European Muslims

New Routledge collection with contributions from six members of the ICSRU, Making European Muslims: Religious Socialization Among Young Muslims in Scandinavia and Western Europe

14.08.2014 | Mark Sedgwick

Making European Muslims provides an in-depth examination of what it means to be a young Muslim in Europe today, where the assumptions, values and behavior of the family and those of the majority society do not always coincide. Focusing on the religious socialization of Muslim children at home, in semi-private Islamic spaces such as mosques and Quran schools, and in public schools, the original contributions to this volume focus largely on countries in northern Europe, with a special emphasis on the Nordic region, primarily Denmark. Case studies demonstrate the ways that family life, public education, and government policy intersect in the lives of young Muslims and inform their developing religious beliefs and practices. Mark Sedgwick’s introduction provides a framework for theorizing Muslimness in the European context, arguing that Muslim children must navigate different and sometimes contradictory expectations and demands on their way to negotiating a European Muslim identity.


  • Introduction

    • 1. Families, Governments, Schools, Alternative Spaces and the Making of European Muslims Mark Sedgwick

  • Part 1: Islamic Religious Socialization

    • 2. Islam in the Family: The Religious Socialization of Children in a Danish Provincial Town Marianne Holm Pedersen
    • 3. "Freedom has Destroyed the Somali Family:" Somali Parents' Experiences of Epistemic Injustice and its Influence on their Raising of Swedish Muslims Rannveig Haga
    • 4. Dilemmas of Educating Muslim Children in the Dutch Migration Context Trees Pels

  • Part 2: Government Policies

    • 5. Religion and Citizenship in France and Germany: Models of Integration and the Presence of Islam in Public Schools Margrete Søvik
    • 6. Negotiating Identity, Difference and Citizenship in Finnish Islamic Education: Building a Foundation for the Emergence of "Finnish Islam?" Inkeri Rissanen
    • 7. Religious Diversity and Muslim Claims-making: Conflicts over the Danish Folkeskole Lene Kühle
    • 8. Islam in Christianity: Religious Education in the Danish Folkeskole Mark Sedgwick

  • Part 3: Public Schools

    • 9. Being a Good, Relaxed or Exaggerated Muslim: Religiosity and Masculinity in the Social Worlds of Danish Schools Laura Gilliam
    • 10. Muslimness and Prayer: The Performance of Religiosity in Everyday Life in and Outside School in Denmark Iram Khawaja
    • 11. Likable Children, Uneasy Children: Growing up Muslim in Small-town Danish Schools Sally Anderson

  • Part 4: Alternative Spaces

    • 12. Islamic Private Schooling in Austria: a Case-Study of Parents’ Expectations Elif Medeni and Barbara Breen-Wenninger
    • 13. Brainwashed at School? Deprogramming the Secular Among Young Neo-orthodox Muslims in Denmark Christian Suhr