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Researcher into Danish Salafi Jihadism joins ICSRU

Sara Jul Jacobsen, a PhD fellow at Roskilde University, is now a guest researcher in Aarhus.

14.01.2016 | Mark Sedgwick

Sara's project explores the way in which Danish Salafi Jihadi groups construct 'the Muslim woman' on social media as well as more broadly online radicalism in Denmark.

The focus of her project is tree parted: (i) The first part sets the frame examining the discursive construction of  Danish Salafi Jihadi groups' religious-political ideology, 'the true Islam' and 'the right Muslim' - and more specifically the construction of individual and group identity in these narratives. (ii) The second part examines female-specific Salafi Jihadi propaganda, focusing specifically on how Danish Salafi Jihadi groups position the Muslim Woman in text, audio and visual images posted online. (iii) The third part examines the way in which these positions are negotiated and legitimized by the women themselves online, focusing on online identity negotiation, 'online religious policing', the use of Islamic literature and authorities etc.