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Sufism in Contemporary Bosnia

Lecture by Dr. Samir Beglerović, Faculty of Islamic Sciences, University of Sarajevo

08.08.2018 | Mark Sedgwick

Dato tor 25 okt
Tid 15:15 17:00
Sted Building 1451, room 515

Sufism in contemporary Bosnia faces four major issues. One is the specifically Bosnian experience of Sufism and perception of Islam in general. Another is a particular development of the institutionalization of Sufism. The third significant issue is the global trend of the appearance of new-age or esoteric shaykhs. Finally, contemporary Bosnian Sufism is impacted by the officials of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the influence of global centres of political power and national political parties.

Dr. Samir Beglerović is an associate professor at the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, University of Sarajevo, in the Department of Dogmatics, Sufism and Comparative Religion. He is the author of Bosnian Sufism in the View of Fejzulaha Hadžibajric: The Religious and Cultural Development of Bosnian Muslims during the First Half of the Twentieth Century (in Bosnian, Sarajevo, 2014).

Arranged by the Islamic Cultures and Societies Research Unit.