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Exploring love in Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam

Presentation by Christian Suhr (anthropology)

29.04.2021 | Mark Sedgwick

Dato ons 05 maj
Tid 13:15 15:30
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Christian Suhr describes the background for the EU-funded HEARTOPENINGS project, which focuses on the experience and cultivation of love in religious and contemplative practice. The project will be conducted over five years in collaboration with Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim communities in Denmark, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, and Egypt. Through audiovisual and microphenomenological methods of experiential elicitation, HEARTOPENINGS will examine in minute detail the sensory and emotional structures of concrete experiences of love. Furthermore, through participant observation and life history interviews the project will examine how such experiences of love impact upon and emerge from people's everyday lives.


Arranged by the Research Program for the Study of Religion.