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After Uprising: Arab Youth Activism and Social Imaginaries in the Post-2011

ICSRU seminar with Sarah Anne Rennick

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Onsdag 7. september 2022,  kl. 10:00 - 12:00





The research seminar will present ongoing work on Arab youth political mobilization and socialization since 2011, based on a reconceptualization of the term "youth" in analytical terms. This work builds off previous research conducted on the revolutionary youth social movement of 2011 in Egypt, and the reconceiving of the "youth" as a generational practice of politics that informs social movement organisation and strategies. The research seminar will present a second round of work that was conducted on Arab youth civic activism in seemingly "apolitical" sectors as an alternative form of political contestation, which focused on Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Syria in the years 2016-2018; and a third round of work on Arab youth transitions to adulthood under contexts of conflict and the new emerging social imaginaries underscoring personal and collective engagement, focusing on Syria and Iraq. 

Sarah Anne Rennick is a Researcher at the Center for Advanced Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University. Her research focuses on social movements and alternative forms of political engagement in the Arab region. More particularly, her work explores patterns and factors influencing youth mobilization and civic and political participation, putting forth a concept of “youth” as generational political practice. She also conducts work on Arab diaspora mobilization and transnational/translocal political remittances, and their impact on the creation of new identities, solidarities, and political practices in both host and home sites.