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ICSRU PhD workshop

On Kinship-based organised crime and families of Arab descent in a Nordic context, with Inge-Mai Jønsson

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Torsdag 27. april 2023,  kl. 14:15 - 16:00





After introductions and news, the workshop will hear and discuss the presentation by Inge-Mai Jønsson.

Abstract: Organized crime in the Nordic countries is a relatively new research area with a limited focus within criminological studies. Recently, criminal families of Arab descent have received increased attention not only in Denmark but also in Germany and Sweden. The project focuses on "Kinship-Based Organized Crime" (KBOC) in Denmark, and especially Jutland, as a form of organized crime where extended family membership is a unifying factor that facilitates the crime and obstructs its resolution and uses Social Network Analysis (SNA) to examine KBOC networks. It has a unique access to both police data from the Danish Police Registration System and the Civil Registration System whereby we can examine both co-offending and family ties.

Inge-Mai A. Jønsson is a part-time PhD-student at University College London, a guest researcher at the ICSRU, and an analyst at East Jutland Police Preventive unit, where she works with prevention of organised crime.