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ICSRU PhD and new project workshop

PhD students and senior researchers present their new projects

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Mandag 2. december 2019,  kl. 14:15 - 16:00





Maj Ørskov (PhD student, Kunsthistorie, Æstetik & Kultur og Museologi)"AfterImages of the 2011 Egyptian Uprising: Aesthetic Strategies and Articulations of Image Politics in Post-Revolutionary, Egyptian Art."

This project examines how contemporary, Egyptian cinema, video-art and photography responds to the current post-revolutionary condition in the country. By paying attention to aesthetic strategies initiated in contemporary cinema and artworks, the project proposes ways in which these artistic productions continuously negotiate questions concerning image politics raised during the 2011 Uprising, although the large squares in the country have been forcefully emptied and silenced by the current military regime.

Thomas Fibiger (Associate professor, Arab and Islamic Studies): "Mediatized Diaspora and Contentious Politics among Bahrainis in Europe."

This is a sub-project of a lager project, Mediatized Diaspora, headed by Ehab Galal at Copenhagen University. The presentation will focus on Bahrainis in London and Copenhagen, and also provide some background on why some Bahrainis have migrated to Europe, and how Fibiger's prior research in Bahrain has made him focus on this. The presentation will deal with: 1) the concept of ‘mediatized diaspora’ proposed by the project, 2) methodological concerns related to the focus on ‘contentious politics,’ and the concerns of potential interlocutors (not) to participate in the project, and 3) the relationship of online and offline (ie. street) activities.

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