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ICSRU PhD workshop

The PhD workshop allows PhD students to receive feedback from across the disciplines represented in the ICSRU

05.10.2016 | Mark Sedgwick

Dato tor 01 dec
Tid 15:00 17:00
Sted Moesgård​, 4206/117

The 2016 ICSRU workshop will hear presentations from:

  • Emilie L. Mortensen (Anthropology), “Building better futures: An ethnographic exploration of moral transformations among Syrian youth in Amman.”
  • Johannes Renders (Systematic Theology), "The Islamic discourse on freedom and dignity in Aarhus, Denmark."

The presentation by Marie F. Bærndt (Psychology and Behavioural Sciences) on “Young Muslim minority women and the Danish alcohol culture: Multiple expectations and moral dilemmas” has been cancelled because of illness.