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PhD Defence: Under Pressure: Muslims' Engagement in Counter-Extremism

Sadi Shanaah will defend his PhD dissertation

30.04.2019 | Mark Sedgwick

Dato fre 10 maj
Tid 14:15 16:00
Sted Aud. A I (1333-101)

To complete the PhD study programme in Political Science, Sadi Shanaah presents his PhD dissertation, giving a public lecture followed by a defence.

The subject of the lecture is: Among the different factors explaining Muslim participation in Counter-Extremism Activities, what is the most important facilitating and the important hindering factor?

The title of the dissertation: Under Pressure: Muslims' Engagement in Counter-Extremism

The assessment panel consists of: Professor Jacquelien van Stekelenburg, Free University Amsterdam Professor Paul Thomas, University of Huddersfield Associate professor Morten Brænder (formand)