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Sectarian Materialities

Research Seminar organised by the research group SWAR (Sectarianism in the Wake of the Arab Revolts)

03.05.2017 | Mark Sedgwick

Dato tir 30 maj ons 31 maj
Tid 10:00    13:00
Sted 4206-129, Campus Moesgaard​
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Keynote speakers at this seminar are Christa Salamandra (City University of New York) and Fanar Haddad (University of Singapore). Christa Salamandra is co-editor of the multivolume Syria - From Revolt to Revolution (with Leif Steenberg, 2015) and author of the book A New Old Damascus - Authenticity and Distinction in Urban Syria (2004). Fanar Haddad is author of the book Sectarianism in Iraq (2011) as well as multiple contributions to discussions on sectarianism. The two keynote presentations will take place 30 May, 10 am - 1 pm.

Other speakers are Joachim Meyer (The David Collection, Copenhagen), Laura McAtackney (AU Archaeology), Marie Vejrup Nielsen (AU Theology), Martin Riexinger (AU Arab and Islamic Studies) and Thomas Fibiger (AU Anthropology). Moreover, there will be a roundtable with Morten Valbjørn (AU Political Science), Elvire Corboz (AU Arab and Islamic Studies) and Maria Louw (AU Anthropology).

Staff and students are all welcome, to all or parts of the program. Please sign up for the seminar no later than May 24.

A full program is available here.