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Celebrating 70 years of Middle East studies and 60 years of Arabic studies at AU

Lecture, anniversary panel, and reception

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Wednesday 27 September 2023,  at 13:00 - 16:00





To mark the 70th anniversary of the engagement of Aarhus University with the Middle East (Peter Vilhelm Glob and T. Geoffrey Bibby’s archeological expedition to Bahrain) and the 60th anniversary of the establishment at Aarhus of the ancestor of today’s program in Arab and Islamic Studies, the Institute for Semitic Philology, in 1963.

13.00 Lecture by Thomas Richter, German Institute for Global and Area Studies, Hamburg: Economic reform in times of climate crisis on the Arabian Peninsula: Structural adjustment and state autonomy

14.15 Coffee

14.30 Anniversary panel with Mark Sedgwick, Thomas Fibiger, Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger, Martin Riexinger, and Dina Hessellund Winther.

16.00 Anniversary reception