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ICSRU PhD workshop

Two PhD projects, one ending and one beginning

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Friday 14 December 2018,  at 14:15 - 16:00





The two PhD projects are:

Sadi Shanaah, "Under pressure: British Muslims’ engagement in counter-extremism."

Modern counter-extremism policies in the Western countries put a premium on the active involvement of citizens in producing security. Muslims in particular are singled out as not only risky and at risk, in terms of extremism, but also as an effective tool in preventing extremism. My project investigates why British Muslims engage in activities aimed at countering Islamist extremism, why they do not engage and what kind of pressure they are exposed to once they do.

Marie Bjerre Odgaard, "When Bodies Meet in Marginal Spaces."

The project investigates, through ethnographic fieldwork and archival research, how young individuals in urban contexts (Amman with some comparisons to e.g. Beirut) experience gender, bodily orientations and relations as linked to physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing in life-- and how this can critically inform conceptual discussions on an ethics of the Other, as well as how we might conceptualize potential emerging communities (based on notions of gender, orientations, practices) in the context of a local history and Arab- Islamic society. The project is in its early phase, and is part of the wider "Ethics after Individualism: Phenomenological explorations of Moral Community" project.

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