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Who Cares?: Precarious Inclusion in an Unsettled World

Inaugural lecture by Professor MSO Mikkel Rytter (anthropology)

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Friday 4 October 2019,  at 13:10 - 14:00


Moesgaard Lecture Hall (4206/139)


Dept of Anthropology

The lecture will address the kind of "precarious inclusion" that migrants in Denmark are subjected to, especially after the spring of 2019 with the "paradigm shift" and Rasmus Paludan’s fantasies of mass deportation. It will present two cases, one about Afghan refugees in the three-year integration programs and one case about ageing immigrants and their self-appointed helpers. Professor Rytter will argue that we should skip the problematic concept of "integration" and instead start to focus on "precarious inclusion" in order to understand migrants' everyday lives, their connection to the labour market, and their ambiguous relationship to the Danish nation and welfare state.

The lecture is part of the broader event, Professortiltrædelser ved afdelingen for Antropologi.

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