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Mark Sedgwick's major articles

Religious typology; Islam and modernity

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  • "Akademisk frihet i två kulturer." Tidskrift för mellanösternstudier [Lund, Sweden] 1998: 2 (July 1999), pp. 47-54.

Religion and politics; terrorism and jihad

  • "The Concept of Radicalization as a Source of Confusion." Terrorism and Political Violence 22, no. 4 (2010), pp. 479-494.
  • "Measuring Egyptian Regime Legitimacy." Middle East Critique 19 (2010), pp. 251-267
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  • "Sects and Politics." Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions, vol. 6 (2002), pp. 165-73.

Sufism in the Middle East

  • "Arab Sufism in the Age of Reform." Annals of Japan Association for Middle East Studies, 21, no. 2 (2006), pp. 23-36.
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Islam in the West

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