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2019.05.20 | Society and politics

New project on Shia and Sunni Islamism(s)

Headed by Morten Valbjørn together with Jeroen Gunning (King’s College London), and funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark.

2019.02.15 | Arts

New PhD project on anti-sectarian social movements

Anne Kirstine Rønn Sørensen will be investigating social movements that seek to challenge sectarianism in the Middle East and the Balkans, focusing on the role of strategic choices.

2019.02.14 | Arts

Afterimages from the Arab Uprisings

"The Post-revolutionary condition" as a frame for understanding aesthetic strategies

2019.02.13 | Arts

New PhD project on Egyptian cultural heritage

Wesam Mohamed is working on "Community Participation in Protecting Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis: understanding and learning from the 'Egyptian Revolution'"

2018.09.13 | Arts

The politicization of contemporary Arab​ art

Anastasia Shanaah​ starts a new PhD project

2018.01.14 | Arts

Narrating the East: The Life and Works of Muḥammad Luṭfī Jumʿa

A new PhD project with Mattias Gori Olesen studies the life and works of the Muslim Egyptian anti-imperialist intellectual Muḥammad Luṭfī Jumʿa (1886-1953).

2017.09.15 | Arts

Exploring and qualifying care of aging immigrants

Anthropological perspectives on municipality interventions to support self-appointed helpers in ethnic minority families. New postdoc project with Sara Lei Sparre.

2017.09.07 | Arts

Hizb ut-Tahrir in Denmark and Britain

PhD researcher Richard McNeil Willson visits Aarhus and the ICSRU

2017.09.05 | Arts

Young Afghans in Denmark facing uncertain futures

Negotiating and performing narratives of belonging and future-making through Forum Theatre. New PhD project with Julie Nynne Bune

2017.09.01 | Arts

The Interconnectedness of the Global Jihadist Movement

Is "global Jihad" a coherent movement? New PhD project with Bjarke Aae.

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