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2013.02.27 | Society and politics, Arts, PhD Students

Sufism, prayer and burgers in Pakistan

Mikkel Rytter on "Prayers and burgers: Fatal attractions during itikaf among Sufi brothers in Pakistan" in the Norsk antropologisk tidsskrift.

2013.02.12 | Society and politics, Religion and theology, Arts

Rendering Muhammad Human Again

Martin Riexinger has published an important article on how Muhammad Ibn ?Abd al-Wahhab's biography of the Prophet legitimizes his warfare against “idolaters.”

2013.02.07 | Society and politics, Business and Social Sciences, Staff

New research project on externally supported democracy processes in Yemen

Maria-Louise Clausen is starting a PhD research project on how local actors seek and gain influence on externally supported democracy processes in Yemen and the Middle East.

Christian Suhr

2013.01.14 | People and cultures, Society and politics, Religion and theology

Christian Suhr joins schools team

The anthropologist Christian Suhr, who works on Islam in Denmark, has been appointed to the team working on the project on Islam and Muslims in Danish public schools.

2012.12.11 | Arts, Students, Publication

New website launched

The new website of the ICSRU has been launched. This is it!

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